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Welcome to The Kiduino Project! We are about kids, electronics (Arduino of course but way more), and play whether with electronics or not. We think that’s the best way to learn. We are still working our web presence out but have officially opened shop. See more at our manifesto.

Our new home!

This will be the new home for the Kiduino web site and blog. Please stay tuned as we configure all the doo-dads and gee-haws. Content from the old WordPress.Com site is in place. We will have new posts soon.

Adventures with the Pi: Setting up Wi-Fi

My adventures with Wi-Fi have been frustrating for the most part. First I attempted to use the Raspberry Pi built-in GUI. It found my network but I don’t think it could pull an IP address and hold it. It would connect, then disconnect, then connect, etc. Next I found some configuration code in various forums. […]

Adventures with the Pi: My New Raspberry Pi

I began this post back in July. Just now (Nov. 12) finishing it up. Mostly proofing. Stay tuned for more Adventures with the Pi. This is my short documentary article on the arrival of my first Raspberry Pi and the first boot. Raspberry Pi ordered from Element 14 in March and finally received it in […]